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Solar energy systems have become more and more affordable over the past few years. Increases in efficiency mean that our premium pv-products “Made in Germany” do not require state subsidies anymore to be cost effective.

We achieve this goal thanks to a high level of automation, logistical advantages and zero-defect production.

Inexpensive photovoltaics do no longer have to be produced in low-wage countries at the expense of the environment and employees. You and the environment benefit from this.

"Since the company was founded, we have specialised in high-quality solar modules in the premium segment. For us, sustainable products are only truly green when they have been produced cleanly, are ethically justifiable and have been brought to market with fair competitive practices."

Dr. Bernhard Weilharter, Managing Director

Fair Play
justice from
the beginning

We produce our modules exclusively in Germany and comply with German standards in terms of working conditions, occupational safety, and environmental standards.

When it comes to cooperation, we rely on European partners and suppliers as far as possible. If this is not possible due to interrupted supply chains, e.g. in the field of solar cells, we conduct audits with suppliers. In this way, we ensure that no forced labour is used.

A sustainability report is prepared annually within our Group. We have also audited our entire product portfolio for CO2 emissions and carried out a CO2 report at company level. We focus on the continuous development of our CO2-reduced low carbon product range. For us, sustainability requirements are environmental standards in action.

Emission äquivalent pro kWh

(5 kWp; 5 000 kWh p.a.; Glas/Folie: 25 a; Glas/Glas 30 a)

CO2 reduction: our daily aspiration

Sustainability in the production of modules is one of our central demands. Module production in the solar power factory follows the latest methods and technologies in order to minimise CO2 emissions as far as possible.

To this end, we continuously optimise the CO2 emissions of our production processes and conduct regular audits. Our machines are mainly powered by solar electricity from our own photovoltaic modules and use the latest filter technology.

In this way, the production of a module produces about 40% less CO2 than conventional state-of-the-art production. Compared with Asian competitors, the difference is around 70 %.

Product innovation:
Low Carbon with
minimal CO2 emissions

With the Low Carbon product series we go even one step further and use raw materials with a certified low carbon footprint. Thus, the glass/foil modules of this series are produced with minimal CO2 emissions.

Sonnenstromfabrik "Excellent Low Carbon" modules guarantee maximum sustainability and meet the highest standards in terms of quality and aesthetics.

Advantages: Profit from solar power

An average 5 kWp system can produce about 5 000 kWh of electricity per year. If we assume an energy mix like that prevailing in Germany and France, this corresponds to a CO2 saving of 1.5 tonnes per year. If we assume that the plant covers about 50% of your energy needs, your annual saving is 0.75 tonnes of CO2.

Environmental friendly

Latest filter technologies

CO2-audited production in Germany

Regular supplier audits

Fair working conditions

Sonnenstromfabrik modules of the Low Carbon series have thus paid for themselves ecologically after 2 years. With Sonnenstromfabrik, you make a strong statement for local production according to the highest environmental and labour standards and receive modules with a long remaining service life.


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