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What makes us different

We thrive for excellence.

The specific strength of Sonnenstromfabrik is its module series Excellent Glass/Glass - these modules benefit from significant longer product lifetime compared to conventional solar modules.

The Sonnenstromfabrik solar module plant has been audited for minimum CO2 emissions. Products of the "Low Carbon" series save up to 200% CO2 in production compared to market standard.

With the "Brilliant" series Sonnenstromfabrik has created solar modules for building integration on roofs and facades. These modules combine highest efficiency, design and controlled light transmission.

Solarmodule Qualitätssicherung

What we do

Broad product portfolio thanks to intelligent production footprint
Sonnenstromfabrik produces both its own products under its own brand name but also third-party modules, which it makes on behalf of other solar manufacturers. Our product range comprises framed and frameless glass/glass modules, framed standard modules of glass-foil design and special modules such as off-grid modules and roof-integrated modules.

Our products

Highest efficiency in module production

Our production equipment is cutting edge.
Sonnenstromfabrik employs fully automated and high performance production facilities. For the glass/glass and special modules, Sonnenstromfabrik’s team of developers created special machining solutions to assure consistently high quality and process reliability. The entire production process is comprehensively monitored. The raw materials, components and modules are put through extensive tests.


Carbon balance certified by Certisolis

Sustainability in the production of modules is a central aspiration of Sonnenstromfabrik. As one of the first companies we have optimized our carbon footprint. Our extraordinary low carbon footprint is also certified by Certisolis. Products of Sonnenstromfabrik convince by a carbon footprint significantly below values of its competitors.

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Solarmodule aus Deutschland

Extensive quality testing

  • Sonnenstromfabrik operates an inhouse laboratory*
  • Mechanical load
  • Resistance of encapsulants
  • Resistance of glass
  • Climate change
  • Degradation
  • Stability of cell layers
  • Micro cracks
  • Soldered connections
  • LID / PID resistance

Your contact person

The experienced management of CS Wismar GmbH Sonnenstromfabrik

Rüdiger Drewes

Rüdiger Drewes

Rüdiger Drewes is managing director of CS Wismar GmbH, responsible for strategy, product development and production. Prior to joining Sonnenstromfabrik, he was in charge of production and development at a DVD manufacturer.

*not accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17025