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Excellent Glass/Glass ACM

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Sonnenstromfabrik modules of the “Integration” series are glass/foil modules shaped like tiles, meeting the highest quality and aesthetic requirements,

Thanks to those modules and through the economy of standard tiles, the installation costs are reduced. Our CO2-optimized production processes ensure additionally highest sustainability.


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Product facts

Glass/Foil Laminate Front: 3,2 mm structured antireflective glass
Back: polymer
No. of cells 48 pc | 54 pc | 60 pc
Type of cells Monocrystalline
Power [Wp] 255 – 330
Backside black [black]
Connector MC4 original
Frame Frame Type „Solrif“
Dimension [mm] 1443 x 1025 x 16 [with 48 Cells]
1593 x 1025 x 16 [with 54 Cells]
1743 x 1025 x 16 [with 60 Cells]
Weight 16 kg [with 48 Cells]
17,5 kg [with 54 Cells]
19 kg [with 60 Cells]
Guarantee 26 years of linear performance guarantee