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Sonnenstromfabrik is the cutting-edge quality leader for solar modules in made in Germany. Since 25 years, the module production plant of Sonnenstromfabrik has established itself as quality leader.

That is why our standard and special modules are so reliable.

The most important benefits of Sonnenstromfabrik modules at a glance

CO2-audited production
in Germany

Maximum strength
(tested for loads of 825 kg/m2)

MC4 connectors

lamination process


snow load design

Best AR coating
in the industry


Service as

1500-volt design

All risk cover:
our Total Care guarantee

Up to 60 % higher yield
at 40 years of use

Glas/Glas Solarmodule
from Sonnenstromfabrik

Years of expertise, innovative techniques, CO2-optimised production processes give our glass/glass modules decisive advantages

  • Up to 30 years performance guarantee
  • Up to 40 years lifetime
  • Up to 60 % higher yield
  • Optimised for the most extreme environmental requirements
  • Minimal CO2 emissions during production

Glass/glass modules maximum power/p>

Diamond Glass/Glass

Sonnenstromfabrik’s "Diamond Glass/Glass" series stand for an outstanding level of performance and maximum sustainability compared to the industry standard due to:

  • Double service life
  • Over 60 % higher yield
  • CO2optimised production processes
  • New half-cut cell technology

Discover Diamond

Glas/Folien modules of the extra class


Sonnenstromfabrik modules of the “SAPPHIRE” series are glass/foil modules, meeting the highest quality and aesthetic requirements. Our CO2 -optimized production processes ensure additionally highest sustainability, the new half-cut cell technology additional yield.


Transparent panels with a view:


The Sonnenstromfabrik’s "Brilliant" series are designed for high light transmission. This means that you can choose for yourself how much shade a module should provide.

The modules of the "Brilliant" series also have an outstanding level of performance and maximum sustainability compared to the industry standard through:

  • Double lifetime
  • 4 different transparencies
  • CO2 optimised production processes


In-roof modules twice as strong:

Glass/Glass &

The Sonnenstromfabrik modules of the "Integration" series are a PV-module and roof tile in one. This elegant Sonnenstromfabrik solution additionally reduces system costs by saving on standard roof tiles and an on-roof mounting system.

Just like the modules of the "Excellent" series, the modules of the "Integration" series also have an outstanding performance level and maximum sustainability compared to the industry standard:

  • Up to 30 years performance guarantee*
  • Up to 40 years lifetime*
  • Up to 60 % higher yield*
  • Optimised for the most extreme environmental requirements*
  • Minimal CO2 emissions during manufacture

*Glass/Glass Version



With the Low Carbon series, we go one step further and use mainly raw materials with certified Low Carbon Footprint. This means that the glass/foil modules in this series are produced with minimal CO2 emissions.

Sonnenstromfabrik „Excellent Low Carbon“ modules guarantee maximal sustainability and meet the highest standards in terms of quality and aesthetics.

Head to Head

Our Solarmodules
in comparison

Up to 30 years
Performance guarantee

Sonnenstromfabrik also offers its customers the option of extending the product guarantee to 25 years for glass/foil modules and 30 years for glass/glass modules.

  Industry standard Excellent Glass/Glass Excellent
Product guarantee max. 10 years 20 years 12 years
Optional extension
of the product warranty
no yes, optional 30years yes, optional 25years
Performance guarantee in steps linear linear
Performance guarantee after 1 year none 97% 97%
Performance guarantee max. 20 years 30 years, 87% 26 years, 80%
Max. annual power
drop from year 2
n/a 0,35% 0,68%
All-round protection no yes, optional yes, optional

If you have any questions about the sustainability of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to convince you of the many advantages of the Sonnenstromfabrik!