Sonnenstromfabrik supplies transparent PV roof-integrated modules for “De Hollandsche Manege” in Amsterdam

Located at the heart of Amsterdam, De Hollandsche Manege is the oldest horse-riding school in the Netherlands. Inspired by the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, the neoclassical-style building was erected in 1882 just off the Vondelpark behind a town house also built in the 19th century. The most beautiful city riding academy of its kind in Europe features a main riding hall, a smaller hall as well as annexes and stables, which are all set to reopen at the end of this year following extensive restoration and modernisation work. One particular highlight is the attractive and energy-efficient solar roof above one of the riding halls.

Roof covering and sustainable solar energy experts from Zonel – an energy consulting company located south of Amsterdam in Bosch en Duin – were hired to plan and implement the project.

Instead of an expensive roof-mounted system, the entire riding hall will be covered by transparent PV modules from Sonnenstromfabrik’s Brilliant module series. Optimised for high transparency, Brilliant modules allow sunlight to permeate them and provide natural lighting within the hall. The standard 2 x 2 mm Brilliant glass/glass PV modules are made of float glass with anti-reflective coating and offer anywhere between 19 and 51 percent light diffusion. Sonnenstromfabrik’s high-quality, high-performing monocrystalline glass/glass modules offer maximum sustainability in comparison to the industry standard. The modules are affixed using the ClickPlain roof-integrated mounting system manufactured by ClickCon GmbH & Co.KG, headquartered in Freiburg, Germany. Thanks to this mounting solution, the PV module can easily be transformed into a rainproof roof without the need for the usual roof membrane, rubber seals or anything of the sort, saving both time and costs. The PV installation offers a nameplate capacity of about 150 kWp.

Zonel’s CEO Rob Staats says, “Our client, The Royal Stables, wanted the best of the best, only accepting a proven design. So we looked for a high-quality solution for this special location. After searching around for a while, we decided to collaborate with Sonnenstromfabrik and ClickCon, since they were able to deliver the whole package. Sonnenstromfabrik were able to deliver their PV modules within just 3 weeks. The result is an attractive and extremely cost-effective solution. We look forward to implementing this design in other projects in the future.”

Dr Bernhard Weilharter, Managing Director of Sonnenstromfabrik, says, “Transparent roof-integrated PV modules are an excellent solution when natural lighting and a high energy yield are equally important. They make for an outstanding architectural design while reducing the high costs associated with conventional roof constructions. Our Brilliant PV modules aren’t purely functional energy suppliers: They are also inexpensive, durable components that meet the most exacting aesthetic standards.”

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