Sonnenstromfabrik reports positive figures for 3rd quarter 2019

Sonnenstromfabrik (, one of the most modern and quality leading manufacturers of photovoltaic modules in Europe, reports positive earnings after taxes for 3rd quarter 2019. Sales increased by 50 percent compared to the same period of previous year. Business in Germany, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland is growing particularly positively.

The success is driven by the new generation of mono perc high-performance modules, which have been introduced in August earlier this year. Thanks to an innovative design with larger wafers, the new PV modules from Sonnenstromfabrik achieve about 5 percent more yield. The output of the 60 cell modules could thus be increased from 305 Wp to 320 Wp and from 310 Wp to 325 Wp respectively. The high-performance cells are used for Sonnenstromfabrik glass/foil, glass/glass and integration modules. Already before the start of delivery the company could book signifficant pre-orders.

Another success pillar of Sonnenstromfabrik is its Low Carbon module series. Overall, projects with a volume of 50 MWp have been won and will be delivered throughout the next 24 months.

In 2019 Sonnenstromfabrik has also launched a new series of full black modules with black frame, black rear side and additionally black interconnectors. The series is targeting customers with highest esthetic standards in the residential sector.

Sonnenstromfabrik has launched an investment campaign to further push value creation and automation.
Sonnenstrom has invested in production equipment to insource module frame production. The equipment has been already installed and will start operations in first quarter of 2020 – this will allow to reduce working capital and push flexibility for our customer specific OEM products.

In addition, Sonnenstromfabrik is investing in a fully automated finishing line in order to support its growth in retail business –the shareholder has approved a seven-digit investment budget and the production line will be fully operational in summer 2020. Laminate production is already fully automated since the very beginning of its operations.

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