Sonnenstromfabrik is "Preferred Supplier" for Photovoltaic Modules for Dutch HEO system

Sonnenstromfabrik is a preferred supplier of the Dutch House Energy Optimum (HEO) system. HEO ( is a strategic alliance of A-brand suppliers of high-quality products and systems for insulation, shading, ventilation, heating, cooling and solar energy. The initiators of HEO are ATAG Heating, Duco Ventilation & Sun Control, Jaga, Kingspan Insulation, Kingspan Unidek and Ubbink. Thanks to its high-quality solar modules, Sonnenstromfabrik was awarded the status of "Preferred Supplier" for PV modules by these HEO partners.

House Energy Optimum (HEO) stands for a revolutionary new building equipment system for builders, architects, housing associations and contractors who are obliged to comply with Dutch EPC, BENG and NOM regulations. By 2020, all new buildings must be virtually energy neutral (BENG). BENG replaces the Energy Performance Coefficient (EPC). However, many builders and owners are already voluntarily opting for a further step. The goal is complete energy neutrality (NOM = zero on the energy meter). This means that photovoltaic modules on the roof must provide the same amount of energy as the use of the building and its occupants consume in a year.

Building with HEO ensures maximum energy efficiency for flats. Thanks to an integrated pre-engineering approach, the products and systems of the HEO partners are optimally matched to each other and thus lead to maximum energy efficiency. 85 percent of the technical development is already prepared by pre-engineering. The remaining 15 percent are adapted to the specific requirements and wishes of the customer. This integrated approach makes the planning and construction process much more flexible and at the same time ensures high quality, which is also checked by an independent body. The HEO method has been used for many years in the automotive industry and is now being converted to the building industry.

Thanks to the unique collaboration and optimisation it is possible to build highest quality at lowest cost and with a guarantee of energy efficiency. The HEO system provides project-coordinated, production-oriented drawings and calculations for this purpose. In addition, contractors and installers are optimally trained and guided in the installation and adjustment of the systems. This leads to savings, especially in the area of construction and operating costs.

As a "Preferred Supplier", Sonnenstromfabrik contributes its high-quality PV modules, which are characterised by quality, performance, durability and design. Today, Sonnenstromfabrik has the most comprehensive portfolio of glass/glass modules in the industry. The portfolio also includes low-carbon PV modules and PV modules for building integration. With the AC module technology with integrated micro inverter recently presented at Intersolar, Sonnenstromfabrik PV modules now deliver ready-to-use alternating current. Sonnenstromfabrik is thus initiating a further jump in efficiency in photovoltaic systems.

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