Deliveries of new high-power PV modules has started

We have been delivering the new high-power mono PERC modules since August. The an-nouncement of the higher power modules alone led to a high number of preorders.

Larger wafers make up the core of the Sonnenstromfabrik innovation, and the new design results in a 5 percent higher yield. The power output offered by Sonnenstromfabrik’s 60-cell PV modules has risen from 305 Wp to 320 Wp, or in some cases from 310 Wp to 325 Wp.

While standard cells measure in at 156.75 x 156.75 mm, the new high-power modules boast a larger cell layout of 158.75 x 158.75 mm. The PV module’s dimensions have remained the same, measuring 1.7 x 1 m. Engineers at Sonnenstromfabrik already took the required space already into account when developing and implementing the Excellent series of PV modules.

The new high-performance design is employed in the glass/foil, glass/glass and integration modules.

The power output offered by the bifacial products could also be significantly increased from 290 Wp to 310 Wp, and the power output of poly products from 275 Wp to 280 Wp. All mod-els are already being supplied. We have removed standard mono products with 290 Wp or 295 Wp from our product range to make room for the new products.

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