Sonnenstromfabrik expands in-roof module portfolio with three new Solrif glas foil modules

We have extended our glass/glass in-roof module series by glass/foil modules with 60, 54 and 48 cells. With the three new PV module formats in glass/foil design, lower-priced photovoltaic modules are now available as entry-level models for integrated solar roof concepts. With the Solrif system solar modules can be mounted directly on the roof structure without roof tiles required. Sonnenstromfabrik is the only manufacturer to offer three different module formats, thus ensuring maximum flexibility in roof layout. The design and size of the new glass/foil modules match the more durable glass/glass solar modules.

With the new glass/foil modules the attractiveness of the system for more price-sensitive segments increases.

Whoever wants to use the Solrif system under more extreme environmental conditions, e.g. in wind or snow load zones or in agriculture and industry, is advised to stick with glass/glass modules with special stability and high resistance to ammonia and acids. The glass/glass modules are also available in three formats. For the smaller 48 cell Solrif glass/glass module a snow load test according to SPF SUPSI test specification 46 was additionally carried out. Since autumn 2018, the durable and high-performance glass/glass PV modules have also been available with a satin-finished Full Black version. For use in conservatories or carports, Sonnenstromfabrik offers optional Solrif-compatible glass/glass PV modules with transparent back and increased light transparency. We guarantee a service life of 30 years with maximum performance stability - the modules themselves have even been successfully tested for a service life of 40 years.

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