Boost in efficiency in photovoltaic systems through module innovation of the Sonnenstromfabrik

In May, Sonnenstromfabrik presented its newly developed AC modules at Intersolar in Munich. The core of the AC module technology is an integrated micro inverter from Enphase. Each AC module of the Sonnenstromfabrik thus supplies ready-to-use alternating current. The complex wiring with a central inverter is no longer necessary. The innovative approach enables automatic optimisation of every individual photovoltaic module. Monitoring of each individual AC module is also possible. Sources of error can thus be quickly identified and eliminated. The integrated inverter turns each AC module into a closed system. AC photovoltaic systems can thus be expanded at any time without regard to the output of the modules installed to date.

In conventional modules, the direct current (DC) generated by the modules is bundled and fed through an inverter and converted into alternating current (AC). This often results in suboptimal energy yields. A shaded module already throttles the power output of all other modules of the associated string with its reduced output. In a photovoltaic system with AC modules from Sonnenstromfabrik, shaded modules can be insulated or defective modules identified and replaced if necessary. Since the AC modules are not connected to an inverter, each individual AC module can be switched off. In case of fire, the modules can be separated from the grid via an emergency stop switch.

The modular properties of the AC modules enable considerable simplifications and make it easier for the entire planning of PV systems. In particular complex electrical system is no longer required. There is no more complicated wiring. There is no need to align module output with inverter. The last AC module is simply connected to the meter and it is ready. This means that AC modules from the Sonnenstromfabrik can also be installed directly by the roofer. All the electrician has to do is make the last connection at the end.

The market launch of the AC modules will take place in the third quarter of 2019 via selected customers. The new AC modules should then be available on the general market by the end of the year. Before that, Sonnenstromfabrik will offer training courses for installers and façade builders from the roofing sector.

Advantages of the AC modules from Sonnenstromfabrik at a glance:

  • Integrated inverter at module level
  • Ready to use alternating current without additional devices
  • Automatic optimisation
  • Possibility for monitoring
  • Module-individual emergency stop if a fire occurs
  • Any scalability due to modular concept
  • Simplified planning (no electrical planning required)
  • Uncomplicated assembly e.g. directly by roofers
  • Electrician needed only for last connection

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