Sonnenstromfabrik also offers its customers the option of extending the product guarantee for glass/foil modules to 25 years and for glass/glass modules to 30 years.

  Industry standard Excellent Glass/Glass Excellent
Product guarantee max. 10 years 20 years 12 years
Optional extension
of product guarantee
no yes, optional 30 years yes, optional 25 years
Performance guarantee in steps linear linear
Performance guarantee after 1 year no 97% 97%
Performance guarantee max. 20 years 30 years, 87% 26 years, 80%
Annual max degradation
after year 2
n/a 0.35% 0.68%
Total Care protection no yes, optional yes, optional

Total care

Sonnenstromfabrik offers an optional Total Care insurance. This Total Care Insurance not only secures your modules but all components of your complete PV system including storage system.

Guarantee Extension

Sonnenstromfabrik offers a product warranty of 12 years for its Excellent module series and of 20 years for its Excellent Glass/Glass module series. On top of that, Sonnenstromfabrik offers its customers the possibility to extend the product warranty to 25 years for modules of its Excellent series and to 30 years for modules of its Excellent Glass/Glass series.