Sonnenstromfabrik glass/foil modules of the “Excellent XL Low Carbon” series are all in one, highest power, widest sustainability and meeting the highest quality and aesthetic requirements.
Produced with the lowest CO2 emission, those modules are also optimized for highest power. Thus, allowing a significant reduction of installation costs.
Thanks to our CO2-optimized production processes together with exclusive use of raw materials from certified suppliers with minimal CO2 emissions.


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Product facts

Glass/Foil Laminate Front: 3,2 mm structured antireflective glass
Back: polymer
No. of cells 60 pc
Type of cells Monocrystalline
Power [Wp] 270 - 315
Backside white [smart]
Connector MC4 original
Frame black anodized aluminium
Dimension [mm] 1680 x 1000 x 35
Weight [kg] 19.0 ± 0.5 kg
Guarantee 26 years of linear performance guarantee