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Who we are

Sonnenstromfabrik is the cutting-edge quality leader for solar modules in made in Germany. Since 25 years, the module production plant of Sonnenstromfabrik has established itself as quality leader. Key performance indicators from the past 25 years underline this impressively:

Uptime: > 90 %
In-time delivery: 99.5 %
Claim rate: 0.02%

What we are specifically good in

We thrive for excellence. The specific strength of Sonnenstromfabrik is its module series Excellent Glass/Glass - these modules benefit from significant longer product lifetime compared to conventional solar modules.

The exceptionally long-life
Excellent Glass/Glass modules

  • Operating life 40 years
    (compared with 25-30 years for glass-foil modules)
  • Electricity production costs (LCOE) approx. 20% lower as a result
  • Higher stability means fewer micro cracks in the solar cells
  • Greater protection against mechanical loads and fire
  • Outstanding ageing resistance
  • Resistant to saltwater and ammonia
  • New design scope from inherent strength even without a frame (e.g. smooth surfaces)
  • Anti-reflective glass for maximum light transmission
  • Weight of 22.5 kg almost equal to glass-foil module
    (thanks to use of hardened thin glasses)


What we do

Broad product portfolio thanks to intelligent production footprint
Sonnenstromfabrik produces both its own products under its own brand name but also third-party modules, which it makes on behalf of other solar manufacturers. Our product range comprises framed and frameless glass/glass modules, framed standard modules of glass-foil design and special modules such as off-grid modules and roof-integrated modules.

Our product data sheets (download)

Highest efficiency in module production

Our production equipment is cutting edge.
Sonnenstromfabrik employs fully automated and high performance production facilities. For the glass/glass and special modules, Sonnenstromfabrik’s team of developers created special machining solutions to assure consistently high quality and process reliability. The entire production process is comprehensively monitored. The raw materials, components and modules are put through extensive tests.

Sustainability in module production

Carbon balance certified by Certisolis
Sustainability in the production of modules is a central aspiration of Sonnenstromfabrik. As one of the first companies we have optimized our carbon footprint. Our extraordinary low carbon footprint is also certified by Certisolis. Products of Sonnenstromfabrik convince by a carbon footprint significantly below values of its competitors.

Extensive quality testing:

Sonnenstromfabrik operates an inhouse laboratory

  • Mechanical load
  • Resistance of encapsulants
  • Resistance of glass
  • Climate change
  • Degradation
  • Stability of cell layers
  • Micro cracks
  • Soldered connections

Where we come from

Production plant in Wismar
The plant’s origins go back around 25 years. Centrosolar Group AG took over the plant in 2006. New buildings went up at the present location in 2008 and 2011. The plant has since been modernized several times. In 2016, CS Wismar GmbH took over the operations with a team1 from the former Centrosolar. Centrosolar itself has focused its activities entirely on North America and still sources Centrosolar modules for the US market from Sonnenstromfabrik.



We secure your investment

Industry standard Excellent Glass/Glass Excellent
Product guarantee max. 10 years 20 years 12 years
Optional extension
of product guarantee
no yes, optional 30 years yes, optional 25 years
Performance guarantee in steps linear linear
Performance guarantee after 1 year no 97% 97%
Performance guarantee max. 20 years 30 years, 87% 26 years, 80%
Annual max degradation
after year 2
n/a 0.35% 0.68%
Total Care protection no yes, optional yes, optional



Rüdiger Drewes

Rüdiger Drewes (born 1984) has been Head of Sonnenstromfabrik since 2008 and is managing director of CS Wismar GmbH. Prior to joining Sonnenstromfabrik, he was in charge of production and development at a DVD manufacturer.

Dr. Bernhard Weilharter

Dr Bernhard Weilharter is managing director of CS Wismar GmbH, responsible for strategy, sales and finance. He previously held senior management positions at a leading automotive manufacturer and a firm of management consultants.



Sonnenstromfabrik Hotline
Do you have any questions or suggestions? Please feel free to contact us by phone

+49 (0)3841-3049-0
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Sonnenstromfabrik offers a product warranty of 12 years for its Excellent module series and of 20 years for its Excellent Glass/Glass module series.

On top of that, Sonnenstromfabrik offers its customers the possibility to extend the product warranty to 25 years for modules of its Excellent series and to 30 years for modules of its Excellent Glass/Glass series.

For the warranty extension we charge one-time 1,2 EUR cent/Wp (plus applicable VAT) due at activation.

Activate your guarantee extension now.



Sonnenstromfabrik offers an optional Total Care insurance. This Total Care Insurance not only secures your modules but all components of your complete PV system including storage system. The Total Care Insurance also compensates for revenue loss.

The Total Care protection is offered in cooperation with the leading German insurance company ERGO.

All risk insurance, Operation disruption & Underperformance cover*:

  • Most of the damages, include amongst others damages resulting from mechanical, electrical, weather impacts, theft or vandalism are covered. The insurance will replace or repair, depending on the level of damage of the PV-System. The occurred loss of power revenue will also be compensated.
  • Underperformance cover: Compensation for lost revenue in case that the performance of your system runs below 90% of the targeted annual output due to bad weather conditions or to damaged components.

Activate your Total Care protection now.

The optional Total Care protection covers SONNENSTROMFABRIK PV-systems**.
The insurance is valid for a five-year term.

This offer is subject to general provision of Ergo Versicherung AG.

* This content is for informational purposes only. The information only given under the framework contract from Ergo to the owner of the PV-System are contractual in nature.

** Price and conditions on request.

Storage system  

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